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Hard goodbyes and new beginnings - RIP Buz Burrows 1974-2023

January 2024

"The love and respect shown by everyone means so much." states Rex, bouzouki player of One Eyed God, about the response from everyone after Buz's passing. "The void of the loss is only matched with pride of being part of all this."

Buz led by example and was a man of action. His ambition was only matched by his drive and talent. "Just seeing the number of people Buz's music and personality connected with is overwhelming!" guitarist Ste acknowledges. The thanks and appreciation felt by the surviving band members helps temper the sorrow and loss. "He'd probably be telling us to stop moping and get on with it!" says Dai half joking, wanting to lighten the mood whilst reminding the guys that all the years of effort can't just end now.

Since that dreadful night in September 2023 thoughts have turned to the future. One Eyed God had already started work on the next studio album, and finishing it is still the priority. Buz left an almost unfathomable amount of music behind on top of the songs already in progress. "We owe it to Buz to see it through." adds bassist Davi with a focused tone about his childhood friend.

So 2024 is, firstly, all about finding a new vocalist, a process that is already underway (watch this space). The band has also spent Winter 2023 preparing the demos that have been embyonically laid down for the next album, as well as scouring the plethora of Buz's recorded ideas. Of course Buz cannot be replaced, but ends lead to new beginnings, "so we just want to do him proud." the band agree.

By Frank Badham, SUYD (free for press use)